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Never say never! I may be the slowest moving maker on earth but I do get there eventually.

I do have a valid excuse for my tardiness however having been shackled to my computer booked solid with design work since October (my last post here!) there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for textiles, sorry Tink! Add to that the phenomenon that is my belly and I think it’s quite remarkable I’ve managed anything at all. Our little babe is due any day now, so I’m afraid all work will once again be neglected for at least a little while until we find our feet as a family of four!

As promised this is the first of my fabric lengths for the shop. It won’t be available for purchase until after the new arrival just because I’d hate for someone to purchase it whilst I am out of action and unable to make it to the post office.

Hand painted with a mix of natural pigments and tannins and left to cure for several weeks, achieving close to a true cyan. The 112cm wide silk georgette has a gorgeous crinkly quality. It’s floaty and fairly sheer I’d recommend using it for garments that can be worn over another layer or lined. Or the whole length can simply be worn as a luxurious wrap.

I made this slightly altered version of a Wiksten Tova below using a different length of the same design.


This length is three metres, I used 2.5 to make the Wiksten Tova.

dot_silk_sml dot_silk1_sml dot_silk2_sml


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(Silk/Hemp Peridot Dress)

This year has been a difficult one, sad for many reasons, so I felt very grateful to be blessed with the happy news that we are expecting our second baby in April next year.
The last few months I was forced to slow everything down almost to a standstill and think hard about how to manage this next big life changing arrival, two businesses, a four year old and the rest of the things that need to be done every day.

I had the unpleasantly painful experience of sitting my law exams six months pregnant (thanks to one dodgy, recalcitrant hip) previously. I was expecting to run into trouble again but not so soon, already I am finding it difficult to sit for long periods of time, so sewing garments in particular (apart from the occasional item) is going to be off the work agenda for the time being.

Instead (hopefully in the coming weeks) I will be starting to list fabric lengths (by the metre). A mix of hand dyed and hand painted. The standard length will be two metres but I am more than happy to dye custom lengths. Mostly silk and silk blends but also some fabric weights and compositions suitable for quilting or upholstery. I expect that the going is probably going to be slow, I sincerely apologise if you are waiting on me to reply to an email or get back to you about an item, I am not usually so tardy!

One thing, one day at a time as they say, onwards and upwards…


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Link on the right over there —>

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Article in Broadsheet today about the Welcome Spring Sale. Almost ready!

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welcome spring sale


I’ll have some special one offs and limited editions at the Pop&Scott Spring Sale, it’ll be heaps of fun, outrageously inspiring and very beautiful, if you haven’t been to the workshop come on down and check it out.

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Isatis Tinctoria (my favourite of the Latin names).

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New branding. Naturally dyed silk labels and hand painted swing tags, tag shown is painted using Rose, Cochineal, Lac and Cutch, each one is a tiny artwork. Anthemis silk/hemp shell top.

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Silk dyed with Comfrey Leaf.

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Silk. Handpainted and over dyed with pomegranate.

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It might be evident that I like to dye with roses, I took some photos a little while ago when I had some roses and amaranth at hand (thanks Pop!) The roses were your regular florist bought hot house variety. As was the Amaranth. Amaranth plant not to be confused with the synthetic red azo dye!


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