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Emerald #1

tink_emerald_1 tink_emerald_2

We had to make the short drive to Emerald yesterday to pick up a guitar that was being repaired. It was a good excuse to have coffee and cake at The General Food Store and a mosey ’round the vintage and op shops, I found a beautiful tweed skirt.

I grew up not far away, there was nothing to do in Emerald in my youth, except get off Puffing Billy and go to the bakery, ha listen to me “back in MY day…”.
It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the beauty of the area that I was raised in as a child, if anything it inspired me more than anything ever has, but it was just home. Now as an adult my heart aches more than a little for those green rolling hills, our farm…

Anyway (now I’m getting all wistful, it’s the weather), what more appropriate name for this piece and its copper carbonate glazed beads than Emerald. The silk was dyed with bits and bobs from the garden, which bits and bobs exactly I can’t remember but they imparted pastel greys and the softest hints of blue, rather like the colours of the Winter sky today.

In the shop now.

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