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The Winter Dye Garden

meadowsweetsmlbedstraw coreopsissml madder2 ausindigosml japindigosml maddersml  tansysml woadsml stjohnswortsml

(From top to bottom: Meadowsweet, Lady’s Bedstraw, Coreopsis, Madder, Australian Indigo, Madder Buds, Tansy, Woad, St Johns Wort)

Not a lot happens in my garden at this time of year, it is cold and quiet with many plants hibernating underground. Most of the action happens in Spring and then late Summer/early Autumn when I harvest.

I took some photos in the garden this morning though and happened to notice the first tiny flower bud on the Indigofera, a sign that the days are indeed lengthening and soon the garden will be awake again.

  1. Genevieve says: July 2, 20159:18 pm

    Hallo Myf, I believe you have run workshops on natural dyeing with indigo here and there? Would love to know if there are any planned later this year, or early next.
    I am going to plant some indigofera australis for the future. Lovely blog!

    • Tinker Maker says: July 5, 20154:55 pm

      Hello Genevieve!
      I haven’t any scheduled at this stage, but will let you know if I do.

      • Genevieve says: July 5, 20157:30 pm

        Thank you very much :-)

  2. Christian says: September 10, 201510:59 pm

    Hi Myf,
    This is amazing, didn’t know Indigo plants grow in Australia. I would like to know if I can personally interview you regarding to natural indigo? I’m currently studying and need to source primary research on my topic for indigo.

    Great blog by the way!

    • Myf says: September 16, 20159:43 am

      Hi Christian,
      Sorry I only just saw your comment now! No problem, you are welcome to email me letters.to.tinker@gmail.com

  3. Hannah says: July 31, 20174:13 pm

    Hi there! Just discovered your blog and Instagram – absolutely lovely on both counts! I was wondering where you originally sourced your madder plants or seeds, if you wouldn’t mind sharing? Not too sure where to get them in Australia. Thanks so much!

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