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Coreopsis Tinctoria

meadowsweetsmlbedstraw coreopsissml madder2 ausindigosml japindigosml maddersml  tansysml woadsml stjohnswortsml

(From top to bottom: Meadowsweet, Lady’s Bedstraw, Coreopsis, Madder, Australian Indigo, Madder Buds, Tansy, Woad, St Johns Wort)

Not a lot happens in my garden at this time of year, it is cold and quiet with many plants hibernating underground. Most of the action happens in Spring and then late Summer/early Autumn when I harvest.

I took some photos in the garden this morning though and happened to notice the first tiny flower bud on the Indigofera, a sign that the days are indeed lengthening and soon the garden will be awake again.

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tink_ca_4tink_ca_2 tink_ca_3

Corona Australis is a horse shoe shaped constellation in the southern hemisphere, also known as the Southern Crown. Taking my inspiration from these stars in the wintry night sky I designed this piece using sparkly pyrites, gold labradorite and freshwater pearls. Wrapped with silk thread on hammered silver wire and hung on handmade silk cord dyed with coreopsis flowers from my garden.

Dyeing the silk first and then plying it by hand results in a beautiful blending of the natural pigments on the fibre, each twist is a different colour. It has definitely been worth the extra effort to make it myself that way rather than dye pre-made cord, I love watching the light playing on the coloured silk when it spins as I work it with my hands.
The stones and pearls are repurposed and I only have a small amount so this will be a very limited edition design. I think I have enough for maybe two or three more.

This piece has a drop of approx 40cm and sits at about bust level but can be shortened by knotting the silk. Will be sent by registered post.

In the shop now.

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