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My Dhungala wall hangings in The Design Files story on Pop&Scott’s beautiful Dream Weaver lights.

Photo by Bobby Clark of Bobby and Tide

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My Dhungala series of silk dyed with river red gum and argyle apple on stoneware and linen is now available at the Pop & Scott showroom in Northcote. There are three sizes suitable for wearing as neck pieces or to hang on your wall. Some have already sold but there are more coming!

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tink_nar_1 tink_nar_2

Nar is the Turkish name for pomegranate. And fresh pomegranate is what I used to dye the silk for the hand woven strap on this piece. Pomegranate is still my favourite source of dye and fresh pomegranate is where it’s at. I wove the strap on my little table top rigid heddle loom, I love its naïve texture. Paired with my glazed stoneware beads strung on marigold dyed silk and hammered copper.

In the shop now.

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So of course, as soon as I announce that I’m going to open my little online shop again all hell breaks loose in this house. Anaïs decided it would be the perfect time to sprout a new tooth and stop sleeping, both children came down with one of those delightful viruses that produces hacking coughs and rivers of snot, and then the internet broke. Four days of a mexican standoff with our ISP insisting it was not a problem with the line (it was variously “the modem”, “the socket” or the fact that I’m “a blond female and not capable of understanding how it all works”) and therefore not their problem resulted in me getting out the wire strippers, a pair of pliers and fixing the corroded line (which was/is actually their problem) myself.

Anyway while all this was happening I decided it would be a good idea to make a few more things to go in the shop, but there has been some hiccups with getting necessary bits back from the kiln which has taken ages and some things needed to be refired. So rather than have everything together in one go, (which honestly might not ever happen given my poor track record of late), I’ve decided to just start releasing things one by one. Every piece is unique, so it’s a little bit more special that way don’t you think?

I am so excited to be once again making things with purpose and sharing them here. I hope you like what you see, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

First up is appropriately a design to celebrate Winter Solstice and the wintry, sparkly night sky. Two of my favourite things.



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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

[Congratulations to Nicky G, your present is in the post! Thank you everyone so much for entering, the shop will be opening very, very soon. Stay tuned.]

So. The last year I have been busy, mostly with children, work, life and other distractions. But I have been doing lots of dyeing and working on small manageable pieces until I have more time for larger works (will I ever have more time?) After a LONG hiatus, I’m planning a little shop update in a couple of weeks with special limited edition goodies. As a sneak peek I’m giving away this little beauty. Handmade silk cord dyed with marigolds from my garden, hammered copper and my crackle glazed stoneware beads. To be in the running:

If you are on instagram – follow me or like this photo and repost tagging me @xmyfx and use #tinkergiveaway (if you have a private account let me know by commenting below or on instagram, open to overseas folk too!)

If you are on facebook – share this post, like and tag my (oh so lonely) Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tinkermakerhandmade


Simply comment on this post below (make sure you include your email address so I can contact you).

(You can also do all three for multiple entries).

Entries close 7th June.

Your odds of winning are currently very good, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!




P.S. I haven’t forgotten about that sugar vat tutorial, next on the to-do list!



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Photo by Belinda Evans

I met Belinda Evans when she invited me to run a couple of natural dye workshops for the City of Port Phillip as part of their World Environment Day festival. But I’ve also long been an admirer of her multi-displinary works as the master (mistress?) of Alchemy.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Belinda over over for a wander around my garden late last year as it was just waking up from Winter. Bel thank you so much for your generous words and beautiful photos on The Planthunter. It is incredibly humbling to be there amongst so many other highly esteemed and talented gardening folk.



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(Silk/Hemp Peridot Dress)

This year has been a difficult one, sad for many reasons, so I felt very grateful to be blessed with the happy news that we are expecting our second baby in April next year.
The last few months I was forced to slow everything down almost to a standstill and think hard about how to manage this next big life changing arrival, two businesses, a four year old and the rest of the things that need to be done every day.

I had the unpleasantly painful experience of sitting my law exams six months pregnant (thanks to one dodgy, recalcitrant hip) previously. I was expecting to run into trouble again but not so soon, already I am finding it difficult to sit for long periods of time, so sewing garments in particular (apart from the occasional item) is going to be off the work agenda for the time being.

Instead (hopefully soon) I will be starting to list fabric lengths (by the metre). A mix of hand dyed and hand painted. The standard length will be two metres but I am more than happy to dye custom lengths. Mostly silk and silk blends but also some fabric weights and compositions suitable for quilting or upholstery. I expect that the going is probably going to be slow, I sincerely apologise if you are waiting on me to reply to an email or get back to you about an item, I am not usually so tardy!

One thing, one day at a time as they say, onwards and upwards…


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Link on the right over there —>

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Article in Broadsheet today about the Welcome Spring Sale. Almost ready!

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Thankyou everyone for coming along to the St Kilda Town Hall on World Environment Day for my natural indigo workshop as part of the Creative SustainAbility Event, it was lovely to meet so many new people, it was frantically busy but heaps of fun, I went home and fell into bed completely exhausted!
Erica kindly agreed to let me share these photos of the beautiful top she dyed on the night (and her gorgeous baby belly!) She runs a great site on recycled fashion, pop on over and check it out here: www.recycled-fashion.com.

_MG_4679 _MG_4680

And we had another great class at Pop and Scott on Sunday, one participant went home in her socks after giving her old canvas shoes a new lease of life in the indigo vat! Thank goodness for Scotty’s wood heater which kept us cosy while we worked. The next workshop will be in August, date to be announced. Currently working on a few new designs for the shop too, busy, busy.

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