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It is finally Spring and I am patiently waiting for all the seed I sowed several weeks ago to pop their little heads out of the earth. Including hundreds of little pastel poppies which I am very excited about. Hence the name of this new piece.

Three of my stoneware beads in pastel shades on handmade silk cord dyed with pomegranate, turmeric, marigold, madder and gardenia.

Simple knot closure. This piece has a drop of approx 36cm.

In the shop now.

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Nar is the Turkish name for pomegranate. And fresh pomegranate is what I used to dye the silk for the hand woven strap on this piece. Pomegranate is still my favourite source of dye and fresh pomegranate is where it’s at. I wove the strap on my little table top rigid heddle loom, I love its naïve texture. Paired with my glazed stoneware beads strung on marigold dyed silk and hammered copper.

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Silk. Handpainted and over dyed with pomegranate.

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Double silk scarf. Hand dyed with Acacia Catechu, Cochineal, Alkanna Tinctoria, Pomegranate and Indigofera Tinctoria.

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A new vest design I’ve been working on.


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Pomegranate head scarves drying on the stair rail.

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Pomegranates (Punica granatum) are one of the great wonders of the plant world, featuring in art and literature for thousands of years, not only are they yummy, they create some pretty amazing colours when used as a dye.

When I made these sample scarves last week and pulled them out of the pot, in addition to the metallic golds, oranges and purples the silk had also been dyed stunning shades of blue and green. I tried to take a photo but it was at night and too dark. So I left the scarves to dry, only to discover in the morning that the greens and blues had completely oxidised. What a mystery! I’ll be dying some more today so hopefully can get a photo in natural light.

Available in large (100cm x 114cm) and small (30cm x 114cm) suitable for use as a head scarf. All scarves come packaged in a hand made calico bag dyed with natural indigo. In the shop now.

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